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According to the EU Guideline 94/25 all boats and yachts in the lenght as from 2,50m / 8´4“ ft up to 24,00m / 26 yrds. appx. have to comply with the imposed safety and product safety standards, before they are operational within the EU. The 10th act of the safety law rules (German – Equipment and Product Safety law) out that the particular boats and yachts have to be build in order to comply with the safety standards. This safety act concerns new and used boats and yachts, regardless of manufacturing date, just the date of import into the EU will be quoted.

According to § 4a of the home navigation act you are not permitted as to operate a boat (vessel) without a given EU certificate. Any violation of this law will result in heavy fines up to confiscation of the boat or vessel. The law still applies when operating a boat on inshore waters of East or Northsea.

This is why we there as to help you in order to issue the needed CE Certificate in accordance with the given EU Guidelines. Not sure if your boat (vessel) fits to those set standards, just feel free to ask. Do not hesitate as to call.





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